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Tobi Steam Iron Steam Wand is the original Japanese production and is the latest innovation of products for steam irons versatile tool in helping the household work that usually requires long and tedious

Tobi Steam Iron Steam Wand is the solution very easy to work with iron and is the latest breakthrough of the steam iron versatile tool, which can be used for Fat Iron ( normal iron) or Dry Clening ( ironing the clothes are hung)

Tobi Steam Iron Steam Wand can smooth out and soften clothes for factories and households

Benefits Tobi Steam Iron Steam Wand:

Provide perfect ironing results, either with the flat iron as well as dry cleaning, delivering clean and germ-killing effect

Tobi Steam Advantage Iron Steam Wand:

Steam heat will spread evenly into the bottom of the iron is made from a mixture of aluminum and metal non-stick teflon
Capable of producing steam quickly in 3-5 minutes to spray it in focus so the result is more effective
For normal function of the iron, the tool is equipped with iron base
For normal function of ironing and dry cleaning, this tool does not damage the fabric or garment
This tool is safe to use because it automatically turns off when the water supply in the appliance is up
The latest International Technology
Versatile and efficient because the tool exists at many functions and easy to use
This tool Dapa hung on the wall

Now with Tobi Steam Wand Steam Irons, ironing job so sangant fun and the results are not inferior to a professional laundry in big cities

So wait no more, soon had Tobi Steam Iron Steam Wand now .....

Price Rp 400.000, -
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